Tuesday, October 7, 2008

4 in Love

Malaysian Golden Melody Awards
2001 Most Adored Artiste, Silver and market them as "The World's First 3D Group." The music video for their first lead single, "Fall in Love," was a first in the Taiwanese music industry for its use of three-dimensional computer animations. In 2001, their second and last album, ''Who's Afraid of Who?'', earned them a Silver Award in the Most Adored Artiste category at the Malaysian Golden Melody Awards. Although Rainie's appearance in the hit drama ''Meteor Garden'' raised the group's profile, 4 in Love's popularity was still questionable at best. At the group's first autograph session, only a handful of fans had shown up. Their songs, with the exception of "1001 Wishes" , were rarely successful on music charts. In 2002, the group ultimately disbanded.



* ''Fall In Love''
* 誰怕誰 ''Who's Afraid of Who?''

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