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K One

K One is a Taiwanese boy band.

K One belongs to the management company, Wingman, managed by former 5566 member, Rio Peng. Other artists that belong to this company include 劉耕宏, Evonne Hsu許慧欣 , Ivy , Alicia, Vivi , Niki, 無限, Wing, Style , and育緯.


* Gino - January 30, 1980
Blood Type: B
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 68 kg

Hobbies: Dancing

Favourite Artistes: David Tao, Eason Chan, eVonne Hsu, N'Sync

Personal Motto: 'You won't have everything go according to your wishes, but you should always keep a clear conscience.'

Personal Character Analysis: Cautious, but tends to worry over minor details; too straightforward and tends to say the wrong things.

Ideal Partner: A girl who is gentle, natural and independent.

* JR - November 5, 1986
Blood Type: B
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 70 kg
* Kido - June 16, 1982
Blood Type: O
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 62 kg
* Li Yang - November 1, 1978
Blood Type: O
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 65 kg
* Darren - March 23, 1982
Blood Type: B
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg



This 5-man dance group, K One, was formed by Rio Peng, with his company ''Corvette Entertainment'' . However, K One did not do well with their first album; a very likely reason is that Peng did not wish to involve his own artistes with 5566, hoping that K One would make a name for themselves. Another possible reason is that there was already another popular dance group, Energy, in existence; due to this, few people were excited about the arrival of K One. However, Peng ultimately did place K One with Jungiery the following year.


After K One was placed under Jungiery, they were soon put to act in the idol drama, ''Top on the Forbidden City''. This idol drama had a lead cast roster of Gino and JR, and Joanne from the girl group Sweety. To help up this drama's fame, Sam Wang from 5566 also played a supporting role in the drama, and the theme song for this drama, Twist The Fate, was a collaborated work by both 5566 and K-One. This strategy was once again successful; K One's fame rose sharply.



* ''We r K One''
*# We.r.K.One
*# 孙子爱情兵法
*# 南十字星
*# 朋友的立场
*# 急救讯号
*# Angel
*# 心跳任务
*# 踢馆
*# 出师表
*# 古老的证明
* ''Love Power'' 勇敢去愛
*# 勇敢去愛 Love Bravely
*# 冠軍 Champion
*# 頂尖高手 Master Craftsman
*# 公主陛下 Her Highness, My Princess
*# 最愛是你 I Love You the Most
*# 繞圈圈 Going Around in Circles
*# 失戀寵物救援行動 Stray Pet Rescue
*# Seasons in the Sun
*# 最美的一刻 The Most Precious Moment
*# First Love
* ''Love Story of Romeo & Juliet'' 愛的故事-羅密歐與朱利葉
** Disc 1
*# 羅密歐茱麗葉
*# 發現愛
*# 糖梅仙子之舞
*# 浪漫舞會
*# 胡思亂想
*# Gossip
*# 啟始
*# Look into my eyes
*# 不明白 Don't Understand
*# 為你再活一天
*# 如果沒有明天 If There Was No Tomorrow
* ''Beautiful Commemoration'' 美好 紀念日


* ''The King's Way'' 王道



* Top of the Forbidden City - All Members
* Mr. Fighting - Darren
* Prince turns to Frog - Gino
* Green Forest, My Home - Kido
* Smiling Pasta - Gino, Darren
* Star Apple Garden - Li Yang
* Ying Ye 3+1 - Li Yang

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