Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nan Quan Mama

Nan Quan Mama is Taiwanese music group. The name literally translates as "southfist mother" which is a phrase in to explain having strength but at the same time, being gentle like a mother. They are closely tied with the popular music artist Jay Chou.

The members are Lara Veronin , Devon , Yuhao and Zhang Jie . Each of the members contribute to composing their songs, and also sing together in most of their songs, although some of their songs are composed and sung solely by one of the members, such as the song "Crystal Dragonfly" which was composed and sung by Lara. As of June 2006, they are the official spokespeople for Motorola in Taiwan.





* G-Power
* Gary Yang


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!Album Cover
!Release Date
Nan Quan Mama's Summer
!May 14, 2004
Meal No.2
!August 17, 2005
Color Palette!
!May 26, 2006
Treasure Map
!July 20, 2007
Difficult Kids
!July 25, 2008

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