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Sodagreen is a Taiwanese pop rock band. They first became public in 2004 after receiving the Grand Jury Award in Hohaiyan Gongliau Rock Festival. In 2006, they received the 17th Golden Melody Awards nomination for ''Best Arranger'' and ''Best Band''. Sodagreen is renowned for its vocalist, Qing-Feng's unique voice with a wide voice range.


*2001 May: Sodagreen entered the Golden Melody Cup held by National Chengchi University and won ''Best Popularity'' by the composition "Peeping". Appreciated by Shiao-Ying, one of the judges, they recorded "Peeping" in participation of the compilation ''Taiwan independent compilation 2001'', released by TCM.
*2002 April: After several changes in the line-up of guitarist, Sodagreen participated in Golden Melody Cup once again, this time winning ''Band Champion'', ''Composition Champion'', ''Best Lyric'', and ''Best Music''.
*2003 March: A-Fu and Jia-Kai, also from , and A-Gong from Taipei National University of the Arts joined Sodagreen. The group line-up has been unchanged since.
*2003 July: Performance in Hohaiyan Gongliau Rock Festival Hot Wave Rock section.
*2004 August: Awarded the Grand Jury Award of Hohaiyan Gongliau Rock Festival. Official contract with Willin Music.
*2005 September: Release of first album, ''Sodagreen''.
*2006 October: Release of second album, ''Little Universe''.
*2006 December: Release of single ''My Future Is Not A Dream'' in collaboration with A-pay, a band under the same label.
*2007 June: Awarded the Best Band of 18th Golden Melody Awards. Qing-Feng also received the Best Songwriter award for the song "Little Love Song".
*2007 November: Release of third album ''Incomparable Beauty''. Held their first ticketed concert ''Absolutely Beautiful Concert'' at Taipei Arena. Sodagreen is the first indie band who held its concert at Taipei Arena, and they also set the record of the longest concert held at Taipei Arena.
*2008 May: Release of fourth album ''Sing With Me'', which includes live tracks from the ''Absolutely Beautiful Concert'' as well as three new studio tracks.
*2008 July: Awarded the Best Band of 19th Golden Melody Awards.



{| class="wikitable"
!align="left"|Album information
|- bgcolor="#F0F8FF"
*Released: September 2 2005
#Too Late To Regret
#Flying Fish
#oh oh oh oh......
#That Moment Is Over
#It's My Sea
#Oh, You
#Landing Practice Existence Twin Genes
#Theory Of Relativity IV
|align="left"|Little Universe
*Released: October 20 2006
#You Are, You Will
#Little Universe
#Little Love Song
#Temporarily Out Of Control
#City Stuck In Rain
#Behind You
#Song Without Words
|- bgcolor="#F0F8FF"
|align="left"|Incomparable Beauty
*Released: November 2 2007
#Flower Tea
#Season Rhapsody
#Left Side
#Incomparable Beauty
#Moon of Sun Appearing
#On This Day
#Simple Life
|- bgcolor="#F0F8FF"
|align="left"|Sing With Me
*Released: May 2 2008
CD1 Live
#Little Universe
#Temporarily Out of Control
#Theory Of Relativity IV
#City Stuck In Rain
#Spider Sky
#It's My Sea
#oh oh oh oh
#Blue Eyes (�br />


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