Tuesday, October 7, 2008


B.A.D. was a Taiwanese boy band whose members are Ben Pai, Alex Tien, and Danny Huang. The group's name comes from the first initial of each member's name. Pai, Tien, and Huang met at a singing competition in , and began working together in the spring of 1998. The trio was recommended to Liu Wei-tz'u, a manager who eventually sent them to Taiwan to work with EMI. put the group into the spotlight. That album, ''All I...'', earned a Best Group Award at the 13th Golden Melody Awards and a nomination for Best New Artist at the 8th CMA Awards. In 2003, B.A.D. was nominated again for Best Group at the Golden Melody Awards, but lost to S.H.E.


Each member of B.A.D. grew up in Taiwan prior to studying in the United States. Ben Pai, born August 21979, attended California State University, Los Angeles during his tenure with the group. Alex Tien, born September 121979, attended the University of Southern California during his time with the group, and graduated in June 2002.


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