Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dong Cheng Wei

Dong Cheng Wei is a . It was an underground band that was formed during the band members' high school years. It gain certain amount of popularity because of the success of the lead vocal, Jiro Wang and the TV appearance on both KO One and The X-Family.

Television Appearance


Current Band Members: Jiro Wang , Shu Chen , Ming Li , Dum Deng , Michael Chen

The name of the band had changed 3 times. Karma was the original name. DJ-WIS was a name taken from the first letter of the band members' names: "DJ-WIS" . In between their active years, the band once disbanded due to various reasons: Jiro Wang's throat problem and his busy schedule of filming, band members continue with their studying in school, etc. But the band reunited of filming The X-Family. Shu Chen also composed some songs in The X-Family OST.

The current band title is a dedication of saying "Dong Cheng's Band" .


The band composed a song called "人間逃亡記" during the Karma era, lyrics by Jiro Wang.

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